Hippos Del Mar Beach Club is a collection of 11,111 (algorithmically) generated NFTs existing on the Ethereum Blockchain.

11,111 HIPPOS
STARTING WITH 0.01 ETH (so everyone get a chance to get one)

The Story

"Located at an sun-drenched spot, the exact location of which is known only to the Hippos del Mar, our beach club is a welcoming gathering place for Hippos all over where horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds, and pinks born of the sun. What's that with the hippopotamus being the world's deadliest large land mammal, killing an estimated 500 people per year in Africa, you may ask? Well, not at Beach Club del Mar - our beachside lair is home to the most magnificent of these beasts. So make a reservation today. Arrive in style and take advantage of our valet parking or let our exclusive boat service collect you from your yacht. Relax on one of our luxurious sunbeds, enjoy a refreshing cocktail from the bar and immerse yourself in the happy atmosphere as our DJs deliver the coolest beats on the beach."

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The Roadmap

25% of Hippos sold

Purchase of 500m² Rainforrest 🌳 🌲 🌳

75% of Hippos sold

Limited apparel release based on character aesthetic 👕 👚

5k ETH Volume traded

USD 5k Charity of the communities choice 💰🦛 🏕🏖🛖

10k ETH Volume traded

Interactive riddle for Hippo Holders only. First three Holders that solve the riddle will get 2 ETH (1/0,66/0,33)💪 🕵️‍♂️ 🕵️‍♀️

15k ETH Volume traded

Release of special collection - bring 10 characters to live (whereas these 10 will transferred to the holders of the 5 most expensive and 5 most favoured Hippos 🦛🔥🦛

20k ETH Volume traded

Holder of the most expensive hippo will be entitled to design (and receive) its personal Hipp which will be released as #11,111. 🔥🔥🔥

Meet the TEAM

M4ximus - Project Manager
t0mix - Lead Designer and Creative Director
Gu7an - Chief Storytelling Director
F1R3W1N - Website creator